Vocations Director

This office is headed by the Vocations Director who is appointed by the Local Ordinary. He accompanies aspirants in discerning their vocations to Priesthood. He assist them to make free choice and to be committed.

The vocations office is charged with the responsibility of educating the young people about Christian values and charisms in the Church. This helps the young people to become aware of themselves and their proper role in the community. It leads the young people to understand their proper charisms so that they can grow in that line. This helps them to nurture their vocations and discern them personally.

This office recruits to the diocese in consultation with the bishops and the vocations team, those young men who have the desire to serve God as clerics in future. The vocations director visits their homes and parishes in the view of getting information concerning these particular aspirants. For those recruited to the seminaries, the vocations office accompanies them on their journey of formation, listens to their challenges and concerns, makes follow up visits to the seminaries, ensuring that they
are responding accordingly. This also enhances a good working relationship between the diocese and the seminaries.

In the vocations office, there is a teamwork spirit. This implies shared responsibility and co-operation in the work of the recruitment and formation of young people into mature Christians and clergymen. The Bishops, priests, religious men and women and the Christian faithful work together so that the ministers that are given to the Church ultimately become a blessing for the sanctification of the world.

To contact the Vocations director, write an email to vocations@archdioceseofnairobi.org