Pontifical Missionary Society

This is a universal body that coordinates Papal activities such as Universal collections and prayers for the success of Pope’s mission and intentions.

The diocesan PMS Director:

  • Works in collaboration with the Archbishop and the national PMS Director.
  • Educates all on the need to participate in the universal activities of prayer and collections.
  • Reminds the concerned persons and groups on the time to have the collections and the need to submit them in total and on time.
  • Promotes the societies: Holy childhood (PMC), Pontifical missionary union (PMU), St. Peter the Apostle (Vocation Sunday), St. Peter and Paul and Propagation of Faith (Mission Sunday).
  • Identifies the needs of the parishes in collaboration with the Local Ordinary and facilitates the application of grants from the universal collection.

Pontifical Missionary Childhood (PMC)

Pontifical Missionary Childhood was realized by the Bishops of Kenya in the year 2008. In the same year, His Eminence John cardinal Njue created an office for Pontifical Missionary Societies (PMS) Director and Pontifical Missionary Childhood (PMC) Coordinator in the Archdiocese of Nairobi. On 14th Feb 2009 there was a launching Mass for Children at St. Mary’s School ground and around 10,000 children were registered.

In this mission we are teachers for the children normally referred to as animators. The office organizes workshops, seminars and regular training to empower the animators with skills of forming the children. The office collaborates with Trainers of Trainers (TOTs) who disseminate their skills to the animators.

The Pontifical Missionary Childhood has a Motto: “Children helping Children”. This has been demonstrated by the children who offer foodstuffs, cash and clothes to help the orphans and needy children in war torn countries.

Children have also realized that they belong to the Church and so they are able to animate their own Masses.

The PMC coordinator:

  • Coordinates activities of the children (PMC) e.g. Festivals, annual Mass, etc.
  • Ensures that PMC activities and formation are harmonized
  • Helps parents and all the Christians understand their role in the formation of Children
  • Harmonizes the formation programs and activities of the PMC animators
  • Helps in addressing emerging issues of concern to the children, animators and the concerned persons
  • Works closely with the PMS Chaplains in the deaneries/ parishes as they coordinate the deanery activities of the PMC and their Animators