Communications Department

The communications department of the Archdiocese of Nairobi was established in June 2012, with the appointment of a Communications Coordinator. Previously, communication was handled by various departments as need arose. Consequently, communication was done by numerous departments, and individuals at Parish, Deanery, Department or Archdiocesan levels.

With the establishment of fully fledged Communications Department, the communications needs of the Archdiocese are now organized, and centralized.

With the head of the department trained up to degree level in matters of communication, and with the support staff, Communication in the Archdiocese is organized to resonate with the Vatican II Council Decree on Social Communication.

Anyone with an email address, a social media account or a phone can communicate. However, to ensure that communication is done in a manner that is doctrinally sound, and with pastoral relevance in mind, a fully-fledged department of communication comes in handy.

Through this department, His Eminence, John Cardinal Njue, The Auxiliary Bishop, Rt. Rev. David Kamau, heads of departments and deans are able to send communication to the whole Archdiocese and beyond seamless.

The channel of communication, facilitated by the department, has made irrelevant other voices that may purport to speak for the Local Ordinary or on behalf of the Archdiocese.

The department handles these main areas.

  • Chronicling the events of the diocese
  • Publishing and broadcasting of internal and external communication
  • Building rapport with the other church media in Kenya, AMECEA and SECAM.
  • Building rapport with the secular media in Kenya.
  • Maintaining a database directory

Chronicling the events of the diocese

The staff of the communications department attend all diocesan event, and any other event that is of relevance to the Archdiocese. These events include, the Archdiocesan Family Day, Ordinations, Ecclesial groups archdiocesan events, devotional groups diocesan events, and departmental events that are of archdiocesan relevance. While there, they take photos, videos and text records of the events.

These contents are for publications in various pastoral documents and chronicled with the collaboration of the Archives department.


The Archdiocese publishes

  1. A quarterly Archdiocese Magazine called ‘door of faith’.
  2. Records are also published in the Archdiocesan website.
  3. Immediate reports and messages are sent through email and SMS.
  4. The office also runs a facebook account and a twitter account.

Building rapport with the other church media in Kenya, AMECEA and SECAM

Through consultative forums, the archdiocesan Communications Department shares knowledge with other media personnel working in other dioceses in Kenyan, AMECEA and SECAM. The department also sends photos and stories to regional publications.

Building rapport with the secular media in Kenya

With the department managed by people who are trained in media, the department endeavours to build rapport with the secular media. This is so that the secular media gets to know of the events happening in the Archdiocese that are of interest to the general public. The relationship is also meant to enable the secular media report accurately and with pastoral understanding of the working, liturgy and ranks of the Catholic Church.

Maintaining a database directory

The Department has created a database of who is who in the archdiocese, their phone numbers, their emails and their area of operation. The database also includes the home parishes of the clergy, dates of ordination, birth among others.

Other useful databases that are in progress are the databases of Catholic institutions, the youth and CMA members. This is through allowing the individuals register online from their location.

Collaboration of the Other Departments

Through communication, the department promotes the collaboration of the other departments, even as a department it also collaborates with other department.


This department is led by Communications Coordinator who is appointed by the Local Ordinary. Currently it has one other permanent staff and two other casual employees who are called when there is need. It is located at the headquarters of the Archdiocese.